Restoration of the Pantheon of the Marqueses de la Torrecilla

5 June 2024

The first week of June saw the start of the restoration work on the Pantheon of the Marquises of La Torrecilla, a project that includes the repair of the roofs and vaults, the restoration of the stained glass windows and the thorough cleaning of the façade and walls. These works aim to preserve both the architectural integrity and the historical value of this emblematic monument located in the Sacramental Cemetery of San Isidro in Madrid as the dignity of the memory of the Marquises of La Torrecilla.

The Pantheon of the Marquises of La Torrecilla is one of the most representative works, along with the castle of Butrón, of the neo-Gothic period of the architect Francisco de Cubas y González Montes, Marquis of Cubas, and one of the most important largest pantheons built in the Sacramental of San Isidro. Three generations of Marquises of La Torrecilla rest in its main nave, from the VI Marquis, who died in 1834, to the VIII, who died in 1925, and many of their descendants rest in the crypt.